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    • Maintenance

      Our Maintenance engineers offer Tension free and reliable maintenance for your Air Conditioning, Chill water System, VRF Unit, Cold Room & Fire Fighting System. We have a team of experts who are efficient in diagnosing the problem and rectifying it with simple solution. our Extended services offer Anti Rust coating for the Condenser Coil, which greatly enhances the life if the system, for houses near open sewer areas it is very important to get the anti-rust coat at least once a year. We offer Gas Top to units where the cooling drops while under operation. we also provide the mechanism to convert Cooling Model of Air conditioning to Heating & Cooling Mode, which makes them All weather Air Conditioners. Also our team identifies and repair the problem of drainage, we offer Condensate drain water pumps, which allow water to be pumped 10 mtr vertically.

    • Ventilation Design

      We help you Design the Ventilation System, which helps prevent bad odour, introduce fresh air and specialized ventilation for Clean Room ( Hospital OT) and Kitchen Ventilation where specialized equipment such as scrubber and Hood Filters which quickly suck up the burnt air and smoke along oil debris which gets stuck in chimney filters. This saves us from the hassle of removing the grease stuck in chimney filters. Clean Rooms on the other hand require a greater degree of precision for controlling the quantity of airborne particle, ambient temperature and humidity levels. The Greater degree of control and high hygiene standards are most essential for designing clean rooms for Hospitals. we also design Basement Car Parking Ventilation System, as we all know when a vehicle is running it discharges a lot of harmful gases such as CO2 and CO along with NOx, to remove these gases we design the draft through Natural Ventilation and Mechanical Extract. This is achieved through Jet Fans, Inline and axial Fans and Ductwork system.

    • Installation Service

      Clouds Inc is the most dependable AC Installation and Repair service provider. Our Technicians provide Fast and Accurate Service for Installation of Residential and Commercial AC system, only Clouds Inc warranties the services provided so that you are never left without assistance.

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    • High Efficiency Multi-Split AC System

      Introducing High SEER ( seasonal energy efficiency rating) Multi-Split AC System, which allows you to regulate temp for individual rooms while having low cost and low carbon footprint. There are multiple indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit and these unit have Flexible Design with multiple kinds of indoors, faster cooling with smart sensors and high efficiency ratio (EER). Call Us today for designing customised solution for your residence , small office today.

    • Best rates for Ductable AC

      Clouds Inc is based in Sector 132 Noida, contact us for supply, installation and maintenance of Ductable Units. We are Proudly partnered with Daikin, Mitsubishi & Trane. our in-house design team provide the most efficient duct design. we design the duct on following parameters Volume of air flow Area of the Room to be cooled Height of ceiling The Ductable AC not only improve the aesthetics of the room, but also deliver greater airflow to the farthest corner of the room. These are few of our Duct work in Hotel Lobbies in Gurgaon and Delhi. We need not mention how beautiful the Ceiling of the Hotel Lobby looks because of the Duct work and even cooling spead across the lobby.

    • AC Duct work in Restaurant in Gurgaon

      HVAC work of Ducting and Cassette units installed at a restaurant in Gurgaon, India. The site has been completed under the directions of a High Repute Architect. This is Modern Contemporary Design , where the Duct work is visible and no false ceiling has been installed. Duct Work The Duct work has been completed in 3 Weeks time, the duct have been connected through a AHU ( Air Handling Unit), the total Tonnage is 44 Tr, this being supplied heat exchange through a Chill Water System, There are VFD ( Variable Flow Damper) for air balancing. Additional Cassette Units During Peak Summer season, when the outside temperature is above 40 degrees, and especially when the inside of the restaurant is at its peak capacity, the inside temperatures tends to cross 30 degrees, for this we had 3 additional cassette units of 4Tr installed to manage the problem. #RestaurantAC #CentralAC #CloudsINC

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    • Clouds Inc

      Clouds Inc Noida based Most Reliable and Trusted HVAC Contractors Welcome to Fire Fighting Fire Fighting Equipment, water hydrant, smoke detection, exhaust, pump room installation and Maintenace Split AC Wide range of Split AC from Mitsubishi, Daikin, Voltas, LG, Hitachi and Carrier VRF System High Efficiency VRF System for Commercial and Residencial Spaces from Mitsubishi and Daikin. 1/8 Who We Are We at Clouds Inc provide Best Price Quote, Installation, and Maintenance Services for VRF Systems. Our expert team of Technicians and Engineers provide the highest quality service throughout Delhi NCR and surrounding Areas. Call us today for Planning and Designing VRF AC System for all the leading brands. We provide the lowest VRF System Cost per square foot of Installation. Call us today for a FREE Consultation on your VRF HVAC System with designing and VRF AC system pricing. ​ We specialize in Installation, Repair, and Maintenance of all kinds of Air Conditioners. We are the only company that offers a warranty on the Installation and Repair Work of Air Conditioners. Click Here to know more has been providing efficient and reliable solutions for all kinds of HVAC systems including for Commercial and Residential Buildings. Clouds Inc has been the leading HVAC Solution Provider be it conventional, or a . Our offering is different from others because Clouds Inc VRF System VRF System, Hybrid System 1. Our solutions are realistic, practical, feasible, and more pocket friendly. 2. We provide which are most Innovative in comfort . HVAC Installations air conditioning 3. We provide around the clock technical support for maintenance of all the types of air conditioning equipment. 4. Our team resolves all your queries in the most polite and refined way to explain to you all the details and help you make the right decision. 5. We are partners with all the leading Brands and therefore our product offering is impartial and cost-effective. ​ Our Team engages the customers to provide friendly and trustworthy relationship, we believe more on principles than profits, our standards of workmanship is key to providing 100 % Client Satisfaction Get a Quote Allow us to Design and Recommend the Most Energy Efficient Design that compliments your Interior Aesthetics and is the most pocket-friendly option. Submit Testimonials CONTACT US Express Trade Tower - 2, B-36, Sector 132, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301 B 1/98B, Jankipuram, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226020 Delhi NCR Lucknow

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