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HVAC Services

We provide expert services for all kinds of Air Conditioning and Fresh Air Handling Units, Contact us for details on any HVAC service that you require.

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Fire Fighting Service

We provide high standard quality fire fighting equipment which include Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm system and Fire Hydrant.

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Cold Storage Services

We provide the most reliable and efficient cold storage facility partnered with most leading brands and providing customized solutions with all round maintenance services


Service Bookings

VRF designing

Existing Space Renovations, or Retrofitting for new space

Designing the most efficient HVAC system for meeting Heat Load design of the Building

Efficient Duct system designing for consistent comfortable cooling.

Reducing Energy Expenses by re-designing the existing system for better performance

Advanced Modules for Humidification, radiant floor, TFA Units, and Heat Recovery Ventilation.

AC Installation

Certified and Experienced staff from all the Major Brands

Qualified for handling Complex Equipment in Luxurious Residential Building

Successfully Delivered over 100 states of the art equipment and advanced modules such as Humidification, dehumidification, air purification system, latest control system.

Our Technicians have experience of working on all kinds of central AC system including Rooftop Units, VRF System and Chilled Water Based System

Turnkey based Projects designed based on equipment usage

Advanced direct digital controller installation which is able to provide mobile-based control for the central ac system.

AC Maintenance

Expertise to service all kinds of HVAC Equipment.

Custom designed Service Contracts for efficient service Maintenance

Emergency Repair service which is Fast and Reliable

Periodic Inspection of Mechanical Parts for Prolonged life of costly machinery.

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